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King ArthurEdit

King Arthur was the original No.8 of the Mid-Sodor Railway. He is handsome and peaceful for learning new things.

Abraham LincolnEdit

Abraham Lincoln was the original No.7 of the Mid-Sodor Railway. He is angry and grouchy. So, in 1897, Abraham Lincoln was dragged by Smudger to be scrapped and used as spare parts for the other engines.


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Princess was built in 1863, for the Ffestiniog Railway. In 1895, she had a new saddle-tank and cab. By the last day of 1926, Princess became so badly damaged and couldn't work anymore so she was sheeted up and stored away in the engine shed and forgotten about. In 1963, she deserves to be a display of honor when she was found by the people of the FR. In 1981, Princess was placed inside Spooner's Bar at Harbour Station. In 2012, she was taken out of the bar. In January of 2013, Princess gets a new tender. Since 2016, she was now happy at the museum after she visits King's Cross in London. Princess was nice and kind.

Welsh PonyEdit

Welsh Pony was built in 1867, for the Ffestiniog Railway. She is eager and proud along with Little Giant.

Little GiantEdit

Little Giant was built as the same time as Welsh Pony. He is eager and proud along with Welsh Pony. Sadly, Little Giant was scrapped in 1929.

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