• Engine class: SR Bulleid Q1 0-6-0 tender engine
  • Age:19
  • NWR Number: 33010
  • SR Number: 21050
  • BR Number: 33010
  • Primary function: Branchline work
  • Line: Tidmouth to Arlesburgh branchline
  • Designer: Oliver bulleid
  • Builder: Brighton Works
  • Build date: May 1913
  • Configuration: 0-6-0T
  • Length: 30 ft 1 in
  • Weight: 52 tons
  • Maximum Speed: 30 mph
  • Arrived on Sodor: May 2005
  • Withdrawn: September 30, 1962
  • Frst AppearenceThomas and The New Engine

Neville is a black tender engine. He speaks with a Cockney accent.


Neville was designed by Oliver Bulleid and built at SR Brighton and Ashford Works in September 1942 for pulling passengers during the war, and for pulling freight. He was shipped to Sodor in 1961 and pulled trains on the Kirk Ronan Branch, and He was used for mainline goods service on the North Western Railway from 2005 onward.

The engines didn't like Neville at first for, although Neville was kind and friendly, he had the misfortune of looking like a diesel. Thomas saw him with 'Arry and Bert, and soon a rumour spread that he was planning to bump the steam engines. Luckily, the rumour was rectified and Thomas befriended Neville after rescuing him from a broken viaduct. Neville currently works at Norramby branchline with three coaches named Jamie, Kathy, and Lucy.

Sometime later, Neville told Thomas and Percy about the job of collecting the Sodor Brass Band.


Neville is kind and friendly. He is friends with Thomas,Duck, Donald and Douglas, Molly and Eagle and enemies with Diesel and Diesel 10.


Neville is based on the SR Bulleid Q1 locomotive, approx. 54ft 10.5 in long, which were often referred to as "ugly ducklings".


Neville is painted in the British Railway's plain unlined black livery. He has the number 33010.

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  • In some descriptions of Thomas and the New Engine, Neville is described as actually being a diesel.
  • Neville has a double high A whistle.