Misaki is a tank engine who works on the Upper Valley Railway.


Misaki came to the island in 1945 along with Smudger. She was repainted and given a name, and has since worked odd jobs around the Upper Valley Railway, helping out wherever her strength was needed. She is mostly stopping passenger services. During the New Year's Blizzard of 1954, she was one of the engines to go up the Ice Line on the rescue mission.


She's chipper and bright, and enjoys pulling passenger trains most of all. She is always looking out for the narrow gauge engines, as she has something of a "big sister" attitude towards them. She usually works with No. 12, and the two engines are best of friends. When No. 12 can't speak for himself in a bad situation, she stands up for him.


Misaki is painted UVR Green with yellow stripes, with "UVR" and her number painted on both sides. When she was built, she was black all over with "LMS" on the side of her cab.


Misaki is based on the LMS Fairburn 2-6-4T.

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