"Fearless" Freddie is an old Warhorse engine. Freddie speaks with a Welsh accent.


  • Number: SR 7
  • Builder: Hunslet Engine Company
  • Built: 1906
  • Gauge: 2ft 3in
  • Configuration: 2-6-2T
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1921
  • Restored: 1998
  • First Appearence: Fearless Freddie
  • Last Appearence: the Man in The Hills

After many years of absence Freddie returned to the Skarloey Railway. Although the reason for his absence is not stated, one can presume that Freddie was either on loan to another railway or undergoing an extensive overhaul.

Upon returning home, Freddie challenged Rheneas and Skarloey to a series of races up and down the mountain. After realizing that he wasn't as strong as he once was, Freddie used his knowledge of the mountain routes and short-cuts to secure victories. However, when his cheating placed Rheneas in danger, Freddie was forced to put his knowledge to better use.

When Mr. Percival's bike was delivered to the Wharf with no bell on it, Freddie decided to find a bell - even though he didn't know where to find one until he saw Thomas taking an old foghorn and decided that the bell from the old bike will be useful.

One Christmas, Freddie tried to re organise a party so that Colin can take part. Despite his best efforts, Freddie left telling Mr. Percival about his idea until the last minute. Luckily, Freddie's idea was sorted with the party taking place at the Wharf for Colin.


Freddie is competitive, but has since learned his lesson. He is now well respected by the younger engines on the Skarloey Railway.


Freddie is based on Russell, a 2-6-2 locomotive from the Welsh Highland Railway in North Wales, built in 1906.


Freddie is painted grey with black and red lining, and a brass dome. He has black nameplates and number plates with gold writing. On the Peel Godred Aluminium Works, he was painted in an unlined darker shade of grey.

Voice ActorEdit


  • Freddie's whistle sounds like Emily's old whistle.