Eagle is a wise tender engine who was designed by George Hughes in 1897.


Eagle, like Edward, is an old, wise engine. He is assumed James' brother, with differences between them. He came to Sodor the same time as 98462 and 87546, but stayed on Sodor.

As he pushed Henry out of the tunnel, he was rebuilt into an LNER B13.


Eagle seems to be of a helpful persona. He pulls passenger trains through the day, but often pulls trucks.


Eagle is based on the L&YR Class 28 with an added pony truck and a Fowler tender, very much like James, but he was rebuilt into an LNER B13.


Eagle is painted in the NWR's crimson livery with yellow and black (later blue) lining and black footplate. He has crimson wheels and a crimson dome and the number 28 on his tender sides.


  • Eagle uses Billy Shoepack's theme (from TUGS) and has Billy Shoepack's whistle.