Agnes, Ruth, Lucy and Jemima  are coaches  on the Skarloey Railway.


The coaches like all the engines, Sir Handel least of all for referring to them as mistrustful "cattle trucks". They were also wary of Skarloey at first for being bouncy.

Agnes is a deep-voiced first-class carriage who looks down on the others, who are third-class. Agnes appears to be the leader of the five. All four engines look down on Beatrice, and claim that she "smells of fish and cheese". Beatrice is, however very important. She has a ticket booth and an emergency buzzer and sometimes even carries passengers when  coaches are full.


Ruth, Lucy, Jemima and Beatrice are based on the Talyllyn Railway's first, second, third and fifth carriages. Agnes is based on the Talyllyn Railway's "Lulu".


Agnes, Ruth, Lucy and Jemima are painted blue with cream windows. Beatrice is painted all blue. Appearances; Four Little Engines, The Eight Famous Engines (Beatrice only, cameo), The little Old Engine (Beatrice only, does not speak) Gallant Old Engine (cameo), Mountain Engines(mentioned) Very Old Engines, Great Little Engines (do not speak) and New Little Engine (cameo) 

Trivia Jemima is somewhat deaf